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Constructed Streambanks Stabilization


Peabody Coal


Somerville, Indiana



Overwinter Protection and Vegetation Establishment on Constructed Streambanks


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Test application for the InstaTurf® ShearForce™ 10 ECTRM at protecting the highly erodible banks of a constructed stream channel through reclaimed mineland over the winter months, while establishing permanently reinforced vegetation

Extreme Conditions

Unusually heavy rains throughout the fall, winter, and spring months flooded the stream channel on numerous occasions.

The two inch rainfall that occurred one week after installation severely damaged coconut erosion control blankets installed on other sections of the stream channel and initiated significant bank erosion.

Many banks along the stream channel where coconut blankets had been installed were on the verge of collapsing by early spring due to severe undercutting.


ShearForce10 effectively armored the streambanks through all flood events, sustaining a good stand of vegetation by April 30.

The ShearForce10’s simulated turf structure captured sediment in stream flow which further enhanced the mats’ erosion control capabilities by locking down material between anchor points.

InstaTurf ShearForce10 successfully stabilized the banks of the stream through the fall, winter and spring months, with vegetation now permanently reinforced against future flood events.

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