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InstaTurf® Simply Keeps The Soil In Place

The key to effective erosion protection is vegetative growth. InstaTurf soft armor locks the soil in place so you don’t have to worry about washouts. In the example above, you can see exactly where InstaTurf was installed…and where it stopped. No other erosion protection solution  can offer you premium protection coupled with the instantly green aesthetics.

Protects Like Rock

Sometimes you need a soft armor solution that protects like a hard armor option. InstaTurf will surprise you with the immediate and long-term armoring power you thought you could only get from rock or concrete.

Cheaper Than Rock

The cost of rock adds up fast. Depending on where you are located, the rock cost itself can be high. Couple with that the high cost of transportation and labor and you quickly are seeking alternatives.  InstaTurf provides a solution that can cut your product, transportation and installation costs. And as a bonus, it is easy to maintain.

Immediate Grassy Look

Sometimes your project requires a green look 365 days a year – that includes the first days after installation. 

InstaTurf has a patent pending design that looks like grass blades and promotes the growth of real vegetation.  Whether you need vegetative growth to get paid or your project simply must look great all year round, InstaTurf can meet your aesthetic demands.

Lightweight & Powerful

Until now you had to choose between easy-to-handle and premium performance, not anymore.  InstaTurf comes in lightweight rolls and mats that can be easily transported to remote areas of your job site without heavy trucks. Two-person crews can manage installation and protect the soil from the minute it is installed.


InstaTurf Installations

Commercial Development Applications

  • Drainage swales and channels

  • Steep slopes

  • Outfall areas

  • Lake & pond banks

  • Lake dams & spillways

Download the Real Estate Applications PDFs

InstaTurf Features and Benefits

  • Budget-friendly permanent erosion protection – as effective as rock riprap at typically less than half the cost
  • Improved aesthetics to please residents – provides an immediately green, grass-like appearance
  • Permanently stabilized drainage infrastructure – prevents scour and facilitates vegetation establishment in drainage swales, pond banks and outfall areas
  • Permanently reinforces grass – prevents future wash-outs under wave action, channel flow, dam overtopping and spillway discharges
  • Smooth surface – no rocks to mow around or pose safety hazards
  • Compliance with local, state and federal stormwater regulations – prevents on-site and off-site movement of sediment
  • Simple, risk-free installation – requires no heavy installation equipment which can potentially damage property
  • Fast and easy long-term maintenance – can be safely mowed or sprayed over with standard equipment

InstaTurf Products


Flexible erosion control suitable for most applications. SF10 is lightweight and provides immediate soil protection upon installation.


Superlative soil protection made to withstand turbulent water flow in areas such as culvert and pipe outfalls. SF12 provides a weighted ballast to ensure high performance in the most demanding applications.


Immediate Armoring

>3x Erosion Protection

Simple Installation

Aesthetically Pleasing

50%+ Typical Cost Savings

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