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Soft Armor Hybrid Turf


A hybrid-turf instant armor mat for protecting severe slopes, channels, streambanks and shorelines. The hybrid-turf instant armor mat provides the immediate finished look of natural grass along with the high flow erosion protection of large rock riprap, while establishing permanently reinforced vegetative cover. 


  • Grass green
  • Tan


Roll Sizes:

  • 3ft x 45ft (135sf)
  • 6ft x 45ft (270sf)

More Information

InstaTurf ShearForce10 Details

  • Available in 3ft x 45ft, 49 lb rolls and 6ft x 45ft, 99 lb rolls for easy handling.
  • Aesthetically pleasing natural grass-like appearance
  • Typical installed cost savings of 50% – 65% vs rock riprap, tied concrete block mats, and other hard armor materials
  • Much smaller carbon footprint than hard armor materials
  • Worry-free rock-like erosion protection under flow-induced shear stresses > 10lbs/sf, from day one of installation
  • Highly UV stable and weather-resistant
  • Simple installation, just lay it over seeded area and anchor it with standard staples, stakes or pins
  • Grows and reinforces natural vegetation for permanent stabilization and mower-friendly maintenance
3ft x 45ft roll weighing 45lbs 6ft x 45ft roll weighing 99lbs The mat shall consist of a UV stabilized; monolithic polyethylene simulated turf structure with approximate 7/16-inch by 5/8-inch rectangular apertures, backed with an engineered lightweight polyester geotextile. The geotextile must be dense enough to retain fine soil particles and seed, yet open enough to allow seedling emergence. The mat shall have an unvegetated permissible shear stress rating, as determined by ASTM D6460 large-scale channel testing, of 10 lbs/sf or greater for immediate as well as long-term erosion protection against high shear stress water flow.

ShearForce10 is ideal erosion protection for areas where people may come in contact or in areas where aesthetics are important. See the preferred application types. Areas within your job site may include:

  • Severe slopes
  • Channels
  • Streambanks
  • Shorelines

Contact Tim Lancaster to discuss your project and if ShearForce is the right solution for you.


InstaTurf® ShearForce™10 instant armor mat has undergone rigorous evaluation in the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (AASHTO-NTPEP) in 2023. The focus? Assurance of quality and performance as a permanent Rolled Erosion Control Product (RECP).

In comprehensive bench-scale shear stress and slope erosion tests, ShearForce10 demonstrated capabilities that far surpass conventional TRMs and even the high-performance HP-TRMs traditionally relied upon in our industry. ShearForce10 proved to be in an RECP class of its own.

The graph (link), compares the capabilities of various NTPEP evaluated permanent RECPs to prevent soil loss under three different levels of flow-induced shear stress.

For a detailed understanding of ShearForce10 performance and to see how it stands in comparison to other products evaluated, we invite you to explore the full NTPEP report. This comprehensive document is publicly available for your review on the NTPEP Datamine website: NTPEP



The immediate erosion control performance of InstaTurf ShearForce™10  was quantified in ASTM D6460 Large-scale Unvegetated Channel testing at TRI Environmental’s Denver Downs research facility

  • Shear Stresses up to 12 lbs/sf
  • 2ft wide x 40ft long channel flume, Loam soil bed on 20% gradient
  • Unvegetated ShearForce Products DID NOT fail at highest achievable flow discharge
  • Average Cumulative Soil Loss – Approx. .1 — .2 Inches (ASTM failure point .5 inches)
  • 3 Separate test plots with (4) consecutive 30 min flow events per plot
  • Mats installed with 8-inch wire staples at 3.8/SY
  • Discharges up to approx 50 CFS
  • Velocity > 24 ft/sec

Average Cumulative Soil Loss – Approx .1-.2 Inches (ASTM failure point .5 inches)
Unvegetated ShearForce Products DID NOT fail at highest achievable flow discharge

Results from initial and subsequent rounds of ASTM D6460 unvegetated large-scale channel testing were very impressive. But don’t just take our word for it… download the results and see for yourself.


ASTM D6460 Test Report

NTPEP Test Results - 2023

the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (AASHTO-NTPEP) in 2023 tested InstaTurf ShearForce10 along-side multiple TRMs and HP-TRMs. 

Not only did ShearForce10 greatly out perform all of the other erosion control products tested, extrapolating the results to higher flow-induced shear stress demonstrated that the InstaTurf product performs even better than previously tested.

View the Datamine test results here

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