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Tim Lancaster

Vice President of Sales – Erosion Control Products
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We offer Lunch & Learns as well as webinars to meet your CE requirements as well as educating your team on the latest technology and techniques to effectively battle erosion. Below is an overview of our Lunch & Learn agenda.

Lunch & Learn Agenda:

The Evolution of Turf Reinforcement Mat Technology

Hybrid-Turf Instant Armoring Mats

Presented by Tim Lancaster Vice President of Sales, InstaTurf® Instant Armor Mat Erosion Control Products GrassWorx LLC, St Louis MO.

During this one-hour educational session, Tim Lancaster discusses the evolution, innovations, and application of Turf Reinforcement Mat technology throughout his 30+ years in the erosion control industry, with specific focus on the new InstaTurf high flow erosion control products he has developed. Participants in this course will learn how InstaTurf products can facilitate the use of lower cost, more environmentally friendly vegetation in place of rock riprap for protecting high flow areas on their construction sites, and gain further insight on:

  • How to develop innovative project specifications that will help your proposed solution standout from the competitors.
  • Case studies and resources to share with your client on how to minimize the risk of soil erosion using lower cost, vegetative solutions in place of rock and concrete.
  • Dealing with a challenging erosion control project? Bring your technical questions to the presentation.
  • PDH – Earn a Professional Development Hour credit for attending.


Climate change is ushering in more frequent, higher intensity storm events, subjecting drainage channels, streams, riverbanks, and shorelines to greater flow discharges and erosive forces more often today than ever before.  Historically, conventional stitched and woven turf reinforcement mats (TRMs) have proven to be effective vegetative “soft armor” alternatives to “hard armor” rock and concrete materials for stabilizing many of these areas.  However, conventional TRMs do not provide nearly the same level of erosion protection as hard armor materials until they become well vegetated, which can take several months to several years. If a large storm event occurs before vegetation is fully established, conventional TRMs are prone to erosion failure, which may result in severe damage to the protected water conveyance/containment structures and nearby infrastructure, large sediment discharges, expensive site repairs, and project delays. Today’s more frequent high intensity storm events are exacerbating this risk by increasing the odds of TRMs being exposed to flows exceeding their performance limits before vegetation establishment.

The new InstaTurf products were developed specifically to effectively address this problem. InstaTurf products, utilize simulated turf structures to perform like reinforced natural turf, rock riprap and concrete blocks, from day one of installation.  Proven through ASTM D6460 large-scale channel testing to provide highly effective un-vegetated erosion protection under flow-induced shear stresses exceeding 10 lbs/sf, the InstaTurf products are well suited for establishing and reinforcing vegetation in high flow applications now considered too risky for conventional TRMs.

Presenter Bio: 

Tim Lancaster has been involved in the erosion control industry for over 30 years. After graduating from Purdue University in 1988 with a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Resource and Environmental Science, Tim worked for North American Green in various erosion technology, product development, and managerial roles until 2017.  During his time with North American Green, he invented and further developed the company’s line of Vmax™ composite turf reinforcement mats.  From 2004 – 2014, Tim served as Chairman of the Erosion Control Technology Council (ECTC), an industry organization that develops and promotes standards and guidelines for various types of commercially available erosion control products.  Since 2017, he has been inventing, developing and launching a new line of simulated turf erosion control products with improved erosion protection capabilities.  Tim now serves as Vice President of Sales for GrassWorx LLC, the manufacturer of these innovative new products.

GrassWorx™, LLC also offers leading brands and products for:  the transportation industry, acoustical sound reduction, poultry producers, agriculture, recreational products and pet care. The company continues to operate out of its Westport facility, located in St. Louis, Missouri.

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