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El Niño and Erosion: 2023-4 Winter Weather Outlook for Construction Industry

The blog discusses the potential impact of the 2023-4 El Niño weather pattern on the construction industry in the United States. It covers temperature variations, precipitation forecasts, and the implications for erosion control, offering insights and advice for construction professionals to navigate the upcoming winter weather conditions effectively, including how InstaTurf can aide in erosion control.

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The What, How, and Why of Erosion Control on Residential Properties

An awareness of erosion potential and relevant stormwater policies can significantly benefit your property in the long term. As part of a Homeowner’s Association (HOAs) or Community association, not only are you tasked with meeting the expectations of those who use the property, you must make smart investments to keep

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7 Innovative Technologies for Solar Farms

Solar energy technology is a rapidly progressing field. Engineers are hard at work bringing clean energy to more people, more affordably—that’s why it’s critical to keep up with the field’s many technological innovations. Adoption of new tech can be the difference-maker when it comes to getting your project greenlit or

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InstaTurf ShearForce10 with seedlings growing through.

Common Erosion Control Products, Compared 

InstaTurf is an innovative hybrid turf product designed to combat erosion and foster vegetative growth. It’s a revolutionary product that works by using and improving upon nature’s fundamental attributes. We’ve decided to put a short article together detailing how exactly InstaTurf works compared to other conventional erosion control measures, so

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InstaTurf: An In-depth Look

InstaTurf is a permanent rolled erosion control product (RECP) unlike anything else on the market. To the uninitiated, however, InstaTurf may appear like many other Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMs) and rolled erosion control products available. We’ve taken the time to outline how InstaTurf works, what makes InstaTurf special, and how

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Flood Waters

Floods: A Familiar Foe

Note: This blog post was written before Hurricane Ian impacted the Southeastern United States. We chose to focus on St. Louis floods for much of this blog post because we are based in the area, but the events in the Southeast only prove how imminent and universal the problem of

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Erosion Control on Solar Farms… There’s a Better Way

Soil erosion can compromise a solar installation at any stage of its life cycle, from construction to normal day-to-day operation. With today’s more frequent, higher intensity storms, it is especially vital to protect your solar development from the forces of erosion—but the choice you make in your erosion control solution

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Should I Worry About Erosion Control Temperature?

InstaTurf Can Help Manage the Heat Heat is a major concern when it comes to our relationship with the environment. At InstaTurf®, we want to ensure that our effect on an area’s ecology is as positive as possible. We know that one of the major contributors to increased atmospheric temperatures

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