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Rock-Like Erosion Control
Protection For Bigger Storms
People-Friendly Hybrid Turf


Safe For People

InstaTurf is the first erosion control product designed for both performance and pedestrian-friendliness. Pedestrians can walk and sit on the hybrid turf design without worrying about discomfort, injury, or damaging the product. Unlike rock erosion control products, you can safely walk and mow over InstaTurf without compromising on soil protection. Install InstaTurf wherever you need superlative soil protection and people-friendly design.


Instant Grass-Like Look

Choosing an erosion control solution used to mean the choice between premium soil protection and a pleasing, people-friendly appearance. Now you can have the best of both worlds. The turf green color and simulated grass structure of InstaTurf Soft Armor products lend a pleasing aesthetic while protecting soil and fostering new vegetative growth. These products not only provide rock-like erosion protection from day one, they also mimic the look of grass before vegetation grows in. You can install InstaTurf Soft Armor products any time of the year and be certain that your property is protected in a visually appealing manner, even months before any expected vegetation growth.

Better Value Than Rock

Nobody likes rock—except for rats and snakes. Rock is heavy, costly to transport, expensive to install, and it simply does not look attractive once it is installed. One 270 sq. ft, 99 lb. roll of ShearForce10 effectively replaces 30-40 tons of rock, meaning substantially reduced carbon emissions and other environmental impacts associated with the large trucks and equipment rock requires for transportation and placement. Installing InstaTurf is easy and can be accomplished by most landscaping crews with minimal tools and training. InstaTurf also simplifies on-going maintenance as there are no rocks to landscape around. Simply use standard mowing equipment to cut directly over InstaTurf. It’s time to ditch rock and all of the costs that go along with it.


What is Hybrid Turf?

Hybrid turf is a combination of real grass and other vegetation supported by a simulated grass turf. This hybrid design provides the soil protection of 30” rock riprap immediately upon installation while promoting the growth of live vegetation to further reinforce and protect. You can have all the aesthetic and erosion-control benefits of natural vegetation without having to wait for vegetation to fully grow-in.

No other erosion control product provides the immediate soil protection InstaTurf does while facilitating long-term vegetation growth.

Innovative Erosion Control

InstaTurf was designed by an industry professional and backed by a manufacturing company with over 50 years of experience developing simulated turf products. The result is a permanent hybrid turf that gives you the best of both hard and soft armor solutions without the shortcomings of either camp. Our patent-pending design promotes vegetation growth through the unrolled product. As you can see from the photo, where InstaTurf stops, erosion begins. 
Visit our products page to learn more about this new way to fight erosion.

Where the InstaTurf® ShearForce™10 stopped, the erosion started along the side.


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