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The Performance of Reinforced Turf from Day One!

Why wait months or even years for full vegetation in order to attain maximum high-performance erosion protection?

Patent pending InstaTurf™ “Soft Armor. Rock Solid Protection” products provide the same immediate site protection as traditional large rock riprap and other hard armor systems!

The molded-in green color and grass-like texture present a pleasing landscape while protecting new turf plantings.

Install InstaTurf™ and let the wild waters flow.

Our innovative, game-changing InstaTurf™ ShearForce10™ and ShearForce12™ products offer the economic and environmental benefits of soft armor, with the immediate high flow erosion control of large rock riprap and other hard armor linings!

Conventional turf reinforcement mats (TRMs) have long been used to increase the erosion resistance of vegetation up to that of rock riprap and other hard armor linings. But unlike rock, conventional TRM systems do not provide a high level of erosion protection until vegetation maturity, leaving them vulnerable to water damage and failure before full-growth vegetation is established. This vulnerability can put your entire project at risk.

Revolutionary InstaTurf™ ShearForce™ high performance erosion control products reduce your risk by virtually eliminating erosion under very high-flow conditions from the very first day of installation, before any vegetation has even been established. No more worries if that 100+ year storm occurs soon after product installation! Also, from day one, these products offer the added feature of appearing like real grass.

InstaTurf products have proven in ASTM D6460 Large Scale Channel Testing without vegetation to exceed the permissible shear stress of 36 inch diameter rock! These products are ideal for protecting high flow channels, culvert outfalls, downchutes, spillways, shorelines, and other critical areas where vegetation is slow to establish. Click on the video link below to see for yourself the rigorous testing these products endured and passed.


InstaTurf ShearForce10™ vs Rock Riprap for High Flow Channel Protection

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We installed the InstaTurf ShearForce10™ at a coal mine in Indiana in September 2019 to demonstrate the erosion armoring capabilities of the product compared to rock riprap. Tim Lancaster revisited the site nearly 7 months later to see how the ShearForce10™ product, unprotected control sections, and rock check dams held up through the winter months. As you will see, the ShearForce10™ test section remained solid after a long, very wet winter, whereas the unprotected control sections and riprap structures had failed.

Key Features and Benefits of InstaTurf™ShearForce™ Products include:

  • Unvegetated permissible shear stresses exceeding 10 lbs/sf, no waiting on vegetation for effective high flow erosion protection
  • Cost-effective erosion control alternatives to large rock riprap and other hard armor systems
  • 3X the erosion protection of unvegetated conventional TRMs
  • Simple installation, just lay it and anchor it, no heavy equipment required
  • Aesthetically pleasing, green grassed-in finished look
  • Environmentally friendly, facilitate water filtration and infiltration
  • Highly UV stable and weather resistant, for permanent strength and durability
  • Easy, low-cost maintenance with standard mowing equipment