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Brawn Meets Beauty

InstaTurf combines the immediate erosion protection of hard armor solutions with the green aesthetic of vegetation-based soft armor erosion control products. InstaTurf is perfect for applications where people will congregate or where the discerning eyes and neighbors’ perceptions will determine the successfulness of your project.


InstaTurf is designed for a wide range of applications. Use InstaTurf wherever you need rock-like performance, pleasing aesthetics, and simple, risk-free maintenance.

When & Where To Specify and Install InstaTurf

InstaTurf provides rock-like protection at a fraction of the cost. It does not require heavy machinery to install, and maintenance is easy as it can be mowed directly over once installed.  

How ShearForce stacks up to hard armor alternatives


In situations where flow exceeds 10ft/sec, InstaTurf is a valuable piece of your total erosion control solution. In areas up to 24ft/sec InstaTurf can be a considerably less expensive solution, while still providing the immediate and long-term erosion protection that the project demands. In the lower flow areas where you would consider riprap, InstaTurf will provide a people-friendly area as well as improved aesthetics. 

Along with safety and aesthetics, InstaTurf is also a great choice when it is cost prohibitive or dangerous to bring in heavy trucks or machinery. The lightweight nature of InstaTurf means that it can be installed by hand and transported by a smaller vehicle, like a side-by-side. No other hard armor solution is as easy to transport and install in those difficult applications. 

InstaTurf can also be used in conjunction with other materials to create the perfect total erosion contol solution. In those few areas where the flow exceeds 24ft/sec other hard armor products like Flexamat and ShoreFlex are great solutions to keep the soil in place. Then, plug in InstaTurf on the lower flow areas to save money on both the materials and the installation without sacrificing the protection you demand. 



In areas where the expected flow is less, it is often a smart choice to go with a TRM, like the ones that North American Green®, Western Excelsior Corporation, Propex®, or American Excelsior Company® manufacture. However, none of these TRMs offer the aesthetics that InstaTurf immediately provides, nor do they provide the same immediate protection against an unexpected storm. In situations where an immediate green look is desired and instant erosion protection is valuable, InstaTurf would be a smart alternative. InstaTurf can be used in conjunction with TRMs to address the need for erosion protection and immediate grass-like look in the areas where it is most visible and most valuable to the project. 



In most projects, multiple erosion protection products are needed, depending on the location. InstaTurf should be considered for jobs where: 

  • Immediate protection is required 
  • Animal and pedestrian safety is paramount 
  • A green yard aesthetic is demanded 
  • Transportation is difficult and expensive 
  • Heavy machinery is not an option 
  • Premium erosion control is critical, but budgets are tight 

InstaTurf distributors are trained to work with you and your project to help you find a total solution that provides you with the level of protection you need for any given area, without over-engineering the solution. 


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