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commercial erosion control solutions

Commercial developments require and increasing amount of erosion protection—but it has to look good too. InstaTurf hybrid turfs protect the soil like rock, add an immediately green aesthetic, and are a fraction of the cost of hard armor solutions.

Protects Like Rock - Or Better

Don’t just direct water away from the soil; secure it in place. InstaTurf can be installed on and around bio-retention ponds at commercial sites to keep the silt where it is intended.

InstaTurf secures into the ground to protect the soil. Where applicable, vegetation can also grow through InstaTurf to further protect and secure soil. It is the commercial soil erosion prevention product that has been missing until now.

Lower Total Cost

When planning a commercial development, the costs don’t stop at installation. Maintenance of your commercial soil erosion control can dramatically increase the total cost over time.

InstaTurf is less costly than rock to transport and install. It’s easier and cheaper to maintain for years to come. Simply use standard landscaping equipment—you can mow right over InstaTurf with ease.

Green - All Year Long

Don’t sacrifice the curb appeal of your development to enjoy the benefits of premium erosion protection. InstaTurf can offer the best of both worlds. The molded-in green color and simulated grass texture of InstaTurf products provide a pleasing aesthetic while promoting vegetation growth through the permeable structure. Your development can look lush and green from day one of construction and you can rest assured that your investment will be protected from soil erosion.


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Commercial Development Applications

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InstaTurf Features and Benefits

  • Budget-friendly permanent soil erosion protection – as effective as rock riprap at typically less than half the cost
  • Improved aesthetics to please residents – provides an immediately green, grass-like appearance
  • Permanently stabilized drainage infrastructure – prevents scour and facilitates vegetation establishment in drainage swales, pond banks and outfall areas
  • Permanently reinforces grass – prevents future wash-outs under wave action, channel flow, dam overtopping and spillway discharges
  • Smooth surface – no rocks to mow around or pose safety hazards
  • Compliance with local, state and federal stormwater regulations – prevents on-site and off-site movement of sediment
  • Simple, risk-free installation – requires no heavy installation equipment which can potentially damage property
  • Fast and easy long-term maintenance – can be safely mowed or sprayed over with standard equipment

InstaTurf Products


Flexible erosion control suitable for most applications. SF10 is lightweight and provides immediate soil protection upon installation.


Superlative soil protection made to withstand turbulent water flow in areas such as culvert and pipe outfalls. SF12 provides a weighted ballast to ensure high performance in the most demanding applications.


Immediate Armoring

>3x Erosion Protection

Simple Installation

Aesthetically Pleasing

50%+ Typical Cost Savings

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