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Erosion Solution for Solar Farms

Don’t let your erosion control choice jeopardize the success of your solar project. InstaTurf® provides superior rock-free erosion protection along with easy maintenance, dust-reduction, and a lush, green look the neighbors can appreciate.

Instant Grass-Like Look

Your erosion control choice can not only protect your investment, but it can also beautify your project.

The turf green color and simulated grass structure of InstaTurf Soft Armor products lend a pleasing aesthetic while protecting soil and fostering new vegetative growth. These products not only provide rock-like erosion protection from day one, they also mimic the look of grass before vegetation grows in. You can install InstaTurf Soft Armor products any time of the year and be certain that your property is protected and stands up to the scrutiny of a critical public eye, even months before any expected vegetation growth.

Reduces Risk

There are innumerable risks on a solar farm. InstaTurf helps you manage risk by providing a rock-free environment, requiring no heavy machinery for installation or upkeep. Hard armor erosion control solutions present the risk of throwing a rock and damaging a panel during maintenance. InstaTurf even reduces the amount of dust that accumulates on panels, reducing the need for maintenance and the risk of damaging panels during cleaning.

50% Less Cost

When you add up all the costs associated with rock as an erosion control solution across the multiple acres of your project, InstaTurf comes out as the clearly superior choice:

  • Less Tonnage
  • Fewer Truckloads
  • Faster Install
  • No Heavy Equipment
  • Cheaper Labor
  • Less Panel Damage
  • Simple Maintenance

Rock has no place on solar farm sites. Employ InstaTurf at the drip line, under the rack, in channels, along fence lines and anywhere you want to protect and beautify at the same time.


Solar Installations

Solar Farm Applications

  • Beneath solar panels and along drip lines
  • In drainage swales and channels
  • At pipe, culvert and channel outfall areas
  • Along retention/detention pond banks

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Solar Farm Case Study - North Carolina

Solar Farm Article

Problems and Pitfalls of Erosion Protection in the Solar Farm Industry

InstaTurf Features and Benefits

  • Budget-friendly permanent erosion protection – as effective as rock riprap at typically less than half the cost
  • More flexibility in site selection and often lower cost real-estate – panel racks can be installed on less commercially desirable steeper terrain without worry of erosion
  • Ensured stability of rack uprights – permanently eliminates erosion along driplines and beneath panels
  • Permanently stabilized drainage infrastructure – prevents scour and facilitates vegetation establishment in drainage swales, pond banks and outfall areas
  • Unimpeded energy production – reduced dust buildup on panel surfaces from exposed soils
  • Compliance with local, state and federal stormwater regulations – prevents on-site and off-site movement of sediment
  • Simple, risk-free installation – requires no heavy installation equipment which can potentially damage panels
  • Improved aesthetics to please the often-critical public eye – provides an immediately green, grass-like appearance  
  • Fast and easy long-term maintenance – can be safely mowed or sprayed over with standard equipment  
  • Flexibility to choose your desired long-term cover and maintenance regime – can be used with or without* vegetation beneath solar panels

*for long-term dripline protection, use of vegetation in conjunction with InstaTurf is recommended

InstaTurf Products


Flexible erosion control suitable for most applications. SF10 is lightweight and provides immediate soil protection upon installation.


Superlative soil protection made to withstand turbulent water flow in areas such as culvert and pipe outfalls. SF12 provides a weighted ballast to ensure high performance in the most demanding applications.


Immediate Armoring

>3x Erosion Protection

Simple Installation

Aesthetically Pleasing

50%+ Typical Cost Savings

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