InstaTurf Project Spotlight

Project Name: Peabody Coal High Flow Channel Protection Field Trial

Product: ShearForce10™ ECTRM

Application: Evaluation of ShearForce10 for replacing rock riprap in high flow areas

Project Owner: Peabody Coal, Somerville IN Mine

Regulatory Oversight: IN DNR

Time Frame: Installation of ShearForce10 on Sept. 10, 2019

Site Description:

  • Standard annual/perennial grass and legume mix
  • Silty Clay Loam soil
  • Approximate 4 ft wide channel bottom
  • Stream channel gradient bottom gradient approx. 4%
  • Sideslope gradients 5:1 and less
  • Drainage from over 12 acres of reclaimed mineland
  • Over 8 inches of rainfall from Sept 10 through Nov 29


Test application for the InstaTurf ShearForce10 ECTRM at protecting the highly erodible channel soils and evaluate effectiveness as a rock rip rap replacement.

Above: Mats were installed between rock checks using 8 inch sod staples and 6 inch fabric pins on 1.5 ft centers according to published InstaTurf installation guidelines. Note: small sections of channel downstream and upstream of mats left
unprotected for comparison.

Above: Due to the lack of rainfall in September (.6 inch total), very little germination had occurred by Oct 7

Above: ShearForce10 armored the channel through multiple major storm events in October totaling more than 6.5 inches of rain. 

Above: The right sideslope and downstream section where no ShearForce10 was used was badly scoured by over 18 inches in some areas. Incredibly, the ShearForce10 prevented erosion of soils and vegetation directly under it. Never seen anything like this before!

Above: As illustrated by the severe erosion and scour of adjacent unprotected soils, the ShearForce10 performed incredibly well at locking down soils, while growing and reinforcing natural grass under extreme conditions!