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Your Alternative to
Rock Riprap for Erosion Control

InstaTurf® is a simulated grass turf with perforated openings that promote the growth of live vegetation while providing the soil protection of 30” rock riprap immediately upon installation.

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InstaTurf ShearForce™: Soft Armor Hybrid Turf Solutions

InstaTurf ShearForce, a groundbreaking product, was created by Tim Lancaster, the Vice President of GrassWorx, IIC. With over three decades of experience in the industry and being a highly respected expert in erosion control, Lancaster designed this product to revolutionize the market. The engineering team at GrassWorx, LLC, with their extensive 50 years of experience in developing simulated turf products, played a crucial role in bringing this innovative concept to life. The outcome is a cutting-edge hybrid turf that combines the advantages of both hard and soft armor solutions, eliminating the limitations of each approach.

The hybrid-turf instant armor mat provides the immediate finished look of natural grass along with the high flow erosion protection of large rock riprap, while establishing permanently reinforced vegetative cover.

ShearForce12’s ½-inch high specific gravity perforated rubber core will not float and adds nearly 2.5 lbs/sf of ballast to the mat to resist uplift.

InstaTurf ShearForce™ VS Other Products

Using Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMs) and An Alternative to Rock Riprap for Erosion Control

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