Don't Ignore The Risks

Erosion can damage your project in many areas and many ways. Learn about the areas of your site that are possibly at risk and how to mitigate that risk.

Get Your Copy of the Pitfalls and Problems of Soil Erosion In the Solar Industry.

InstaTurf Reduces Risk and Provides Better Aesthetics

InstaTurf® is the erosion protection you never thought was possible. This light-weight hybrid turf protects like a 24″ rock as soon as it is installed and vegetation grows directly through the turf to increase the erosion protection even more. 

  • 50% Cheaper than rock riprap
  • No rocks to mow around
  • No need for heavy machinery for install or maintenance
  • Stays green all year round
  • Protects like 24″+ rock
  • Works in many areas across your solar farm