The Performance of Reinforced Turf from Day One!


You no longer have to wait for vegetation in order to attain maximum high-performance erosion protection from a TRM!

Turf Reinforcements Mats (TRMs) have long been used to increase the erosion resistance of vegetation up to that of rock riprap and other hard armor linings. However, older, conventional TRM systems do not provide this high level of erosion protection until vegetation maturity, leaving entire projects at risk, vulnerable to water damage and failure. Our innovative InstaTurf ShearForce products solve this problem once and for all.


Patent Pending InstaTurf  Shearforce10 and Shearforce12 high-performance erosion control products reduce risk by virtually eliminating erosion under very high-flow conditions from the very first day of installation.

No more worries if that hundred-year storm event occurs after installation…your project will be protected! Also, from day one, our products offer the added feature of appearing like real grass.

proven in ASTM D6460 large scale channel testing without vegetation to exceed the permissible shear stress of large diameter rock! InstaTurf products are ideal for high flow channels, culvert outfalls, spillways downchutes, shorelines and other critical areas where vegetation is slow to establish

ShearForce10 Products: Features and Benefits


  • Reinforced turf performance from day one, effective erosion protection at shear stress >10lbs/s 
  • Immediate erosion control equivalent to large rock riprap and other hard armor at less than 1/2 the cost. 
  • Aesthetically pleasing green grassed-in finished look
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Highly UV stable and weather-resistant
  • ShearForce10 is available in convenient 3ft x 45ft 48lb and 6ft x 45ft 96lb rolls for easy installation
  • Simple installation, just lay it and anchor it.