We installed the InstaTurf ShearForce10™ at a coal mine in Indiana in September 2019 to demonstrate the erosion armoring capabilities of the product compared to rock riprap. Tim Lancaster revisited the site nearly 7 months later to see how the ShearForce10™ product, unprotected control sections, and rock check dams held up through the winter months. As you will see, the ShearForce10™ test section remained solid after a long, very wet winter, whereas the unprotected control sections and riprap structures had failed.

(Watch the complete 9-minute playlist or jump to a specific video segment below)

ShearForce10 construction and performance (1.5 min)

InstaTurf ShearForce10 Outperforms Rock Riprap (1 min 45 sec)

ShearForce10 effective overwinter armoring of high flow channel bed (2 min)

ShearForce10 Approved As Alt To Rock Riprap (1 min)

ShearForce10 locks the soil in place (30 sec)