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How Erosion Control Can Add Value to Your Residential Property


Erosion control is typically seen only as a preventative measure to protect your development from soil loss over time. It is that, of course, but what if your choice in erosion control on your development could do more than protect your investment? What if it could actually add value to your investment?

What is InstaTurf?

Unlike traditional TRMs, InstaTurf ShearForce products are designed to protect your investment immediately upon installation—no 6-12+ month vegetation grow-in period necessary. InstaTurf protects as well as rock riprap as soon as it’s installed. Vegetation can grow through the turf, too, further increasing its resistance to soil loss. When vegetation grows through rock riprap installations equipment- and labor-intensive maintenance must be performed to keep the installation from failing. InstaTurf ShearForce products are also cheaper, lighter, and easier to install than rock riprap. But when it comes to residential developments, InstaTurf offers two key benefits that erosion control solutions like rock riprap simply can’t: improved safety and aesthetics.

How Safe is Your Erosion Control?

When it comes to pedestrian safety on residential developments, you don’t want to cut corners. One pedestrian injury during construction can grind progress to a complete halt. Alternatively, if a pedestrian gets hurt on your development after construction and sues, a promising investment can turn into a legal money pit. Of course, at the end of the day nobody should experience preventable injury or death.

InstaTurf ShearForce products are designed with pedestrians in mind. Unlike rock riprap, the InstaTurf ShearForce line provides stable footing on both flat ground and slopes. Larger diameter riprap provides increased soil protection, but larger rocks means worse footing. InstaTurf protects as well as rock riprap but you can walk on it with ease. This means pedestrians will be able to use a greater percentage of your available land because a portion of it won’t be taken up by pedestrian-unfriendly erosion control.

We’ve taken temperature readings of rock riprap compared to InstaTurf with grown-in vegetation and, to put it lightly, you wouldn’t want to sit on or place bare feet on riprap during a hot summer day. Snakes and other critters also tend to make their homes in rock riprap installations. It’s these little discomforts that add up to make a hazardous environment for pedestrians. With InstaTurf, you can create a safe development for residents while protecting your investment from erosion.

Good-looking Erosion Control

Residential developments have different priorities than industrial or commercial developments. People have to live there, and residents are rightly picky about how their home looks. Let’s face it; rock riprap is an eyesore. It’s gray and severe looking. Even before vegetation development, InstaTurf provides a lush, green appearance that residents will be proud to live near. In a year’s time, your residents won’t even know that an erosion control solution was even installed on the property; it will look just like natural flora.

Erosion Control for Residential Applications

InstaTurf is the people-friendly erosion control that protects and beautifies your residential development. You truly can have the best of both worlds: the price, light weight, and inconspicuous look of traditional TRMs; with the strength and reliability of hard armor solutions like rock riprap. InstaTurf doesn’t just protect your investment—it improves it.

Check out our full article on the safety and aesthetic advantages of InstaTurf for residential developments by clicking the button below.

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