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High Performance, Low Risk

InstaTurf provides erosion protection for solar farms without having to use heavy machinery or rock. Click below for a free sample of InstaTurf® ShearForce™10 to be mailed to you. We are certain once you see the product for yourself, you’ll understand how it can solve your erosion issues around your solar farm installation.

Safe For People

Instant Grass-Like Look

Better Value Than Rock

Rethink Your Erosion Protection

InstaTurf® is the erosion protection you never thought was possible. This light-weight hybrid turf protects like a 30″, but it installs like a TRM. InstaTurf rolls out without bringing multiple large vehicles into your site. 

InstaTurf is worth your time to assess. Our patent pending design looks like grass upon installation and instantly protects the soil. You can have the aesthetics of grass and the protection of hard armor – and InstaTurf is that solution.

Vegetation = Ground Stability

Take these photos as an example of how InstaTurf works with nature to reinforce the ground. InstaTurf was installed on April 3rd, 2019, by May 3rd you had significant grass growth, then 2 weeks later even more growth. InstaTurf protects when it is installed and keeps getting stronger.

Maintenance is simple, no special machinery is required. Use standard mowers without the fear of shooting rock into your array. It’s rock-less erosion protection for your most valuable assets.


Our Soft Armor Hybrid Turf Products

A hybrid-turf instant armor mat for protecting severe slopes, channels, streambanks and shorelines. 


Roll Sizes:
3ft x 45ft (135sf)
6ft x 45ft (270sf)


Roll Sizes:
3ft x 4ft (12sf)

How To Receive Your Free Sample

Seeing is believing so let us send you a sample of our InstaTurf® ShearForce™10 product – free of charge. You will be able to touch, feel and see this one-of-a-kind erosion control solution for yourself. We’ll also send along some product specs so you can get a feel for the product coverage. Fill out these few boxes so we can successfully ship you your own sample of InstaTurf. As you’d expect, we can not ship these to P.O. boxes, so a physical address is required. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your sample to arrive. If you need it faster, call Tim at the number in the footer and he’ll expedite it to you.

Thanks for your interest, we look forward to working with you on future projects.