Transition to a Better Scour Control Mat!

InstaTurf ShearForce12 Scour Control Mat combines scour protection and turf reinforcement into one product, for easy to install, rock-solid scour control in turbulent flow areas. Batten down culvert outfalls, down chutes and spillways with ShearForce12 and let the wild waters flow!


High Flow Scour Control Transition Mat.

The patent pending ShearForce12 High Flow Scour Control Transition Mat incorporates a ½ inch thick, weather resistant, perforated rubber core layered between a green, simulated turf monolithic polyethylene structure and an engineered geotextile fabric.


Winterize Your Erosion Control Projects!

Providing long-lasting, rock-solid erosion protection without vegetation, InstaTurf products protect high flow areas planted in late fall when grass growth is not expected until spring. Batten down your projects overwinter with InstaTurf and let the wild waters flow!