Grow with the Flow!

InstaTurf simulated turf erosion control products give projects a grassed-in finished look and rock-solid erosion protection from day one of installation to ensure natural vegetation establishment and long term stabilization. Batten down your projects with InstaTurf and grow with the flow!


High Flow Erosion Control Turf Reinforcement Mat.

This new, patent pending erosion control product consists of a green, simulated turf monolithic polyethylene structure, backed with a specially engineered geotextile fabric. The simulated grass blades of the turf deflect rainfall impact and flow-induced shear stress away from the fabric backing and the underlying soil.

Simulated Turf for Real High-Flow Protection

ShearForce10 ECTRM has an unvegetated permissible shear stress rating over 3X that of conventional turf reinforcement mats, delivering rock-solid erosion protection under much higher flow conditions. Batten down your channels and shorelines with ShearForce10 and let the wild waters flow!