Get grass to grow where it usually can’t.

Doggie Day Care

When a local, St Louis area dog day care called us and asked if our product would reduce the amount of mud her puppies brought in from the outside, we knew we had the right product. Instaturf not only kept their paws clean, the dogs reacted just like they were on regular grass. The best thing is that real grass is now growing through the turf to provide years of enjoyment for the dogs and less cleaning for the staff.

Shaded Ground

The combination of poor sunlight through the trees and a “desired path” from the dock to the house in Innsbrook inspired us to apply InstaTurf on a patch of the path to see if we could encourage vegetative growth without having to alter our direct path to the lake. What we found was that there was enough light to grow grass, it was the traffic that was keeping the grass from growing.

When you let a class of young kids out for recess, they are going to go every which way. This school yard found that it was difficult to keep grass growing along the apron of the playground and also leading to the gate. We conducted two separate tests to see how InstaTurf could handle the daily torment of many energetic kids. The path to the gate is unrecognizable now and the grass apron around the playground is effectively growing grass again and the kids are not tracking dirt back into the school.

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