InstaTurf Project Spotlight

Project Name: Peabody Coal Constructed Streambanks Stabilization

Product: InstaTurf™ ShearForce10™ ECTRM

Application: Overwinter Protection and Vegetation Establishment on Constructed Streambanks

Project Owner: Peabody Coal, Somerville IN Mine

Regulatory Oversight: Army Corps of Engineers

Time Frame: Installation of ShearForce10 on Oct 25, 2018

Site Description:

  • Standard cool season annual/perennial grass and legume mix
  • Silty Clay Loam soil
  • Approximate 6ft wide stream channel bottom (left unprotected for natural substrate)
  • Stream channel bottom gradient <1%
  • Variable gradient sideslopes (protected with ShearForce10 ECTRM)
  • Drainage from 120 acres of reclaimed mineland
  • Over 30 inches of rainfall from Oct 25, 2018 through April 30, 2019


Test application for the InstaTurf ShearForce10 ECTRM at protecting the highly erodible banks of a constructed stream channel through reclaimed mineland over the winter months, while establishing permanently reinforced vegetation.

Above: InstaTurf ShearForce10 ECTRM Installed Oct 25, 2019 on seeded streambank. The ShearForce10 did an excellent job of protecting the streambanks through a two inch rainfall on Nov 1, which generated bank-overtopping flows. Grasses were starting to emerge thru mats on November 8, 2019.

Above: Unusually heavy rains throughout the fall, winter and spring months flooded the stream channel on numerous occasions.

Above: ShearForce10 effectively armored the streambanks through all flood events, sustaining a good stand of vegetation by April 30, 2019.