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InstaTurf®: Your Rock Riprap Alternative


Protects like 30" rock, for 1/2 of the cost

InstaTurf is a rolled soft armor erosion solution that performs as well as rock riprap against waves and water flow. Unlike rock, InstaTurf is safe for people and animals and promotes real grass growth through the hybrid turf. Learn more about this revolutionary alternative to rock in erosion protection, click below for a no-strings-attached design review with Tim Lancaster.

Why InstaTurf?

Immediate Armoring

>3x Erosion Protection

Simple Installation

Aesthetically Pleasing

50%+ Typical Cost Savings

InstaTurf Is Available In Two Performance Level Products

ShearForce10 is designed to withstand a permissible shear stress of 10  while allowing vegetation to quickly grow through the patent-pending perforated design. SF10 comes in rolls of 6′ wide by 45′ long and can be installed without heavy machinery. Great for channels, swales, pond banks and other erosion-prone areas.

For the areas that require an additional level of erosion protection, we offer our ShearForce12 which has a 1″ ballast to add weight to the product to remain in place during higher water flow and pooling water. SF12 comes in 3′ x 5′ sheets and can be installed easily by 2 people.

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Real Customers, Real Believers

InstaTurf has been installed across the U.S. for the past 5 years. Our customers say it best when asked about how InstaTurf performed.

InstaTurf ShearForce™ Soft Armor Hybrid Turf Solutions

Say goodbye to heavy equipment installation, high transportation costs, and time-consuming processes. With InstaTurf ShearForce, you can embrace a lightweight, cost-effective, and efficient soft armor hybrid solution for erosion control. Discover the future of erosion protection today.

InstaTurf ShearForce provides soil protection of 30′ rock riprap immediately upon installation while promoting the growth of live vegetation for maximum erosion control.

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